Forteza RS-BL (light) konwerter(Bluetooth)

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Konwerter RS-BL jest przeznaczony do konfiguracji i testowania detektorów mikrofalowych z serii FMC i systemem ochrony ogrodzeń TRIBO-S. Pozwala na użycie aplikacji na systemy android i Windows za przez Bluetooth.

 The RS-BL (light) converts RS-485 signal into “Bluetooth” signal, assuring the connection with “Android” device wirelessly.


  • Data transmission distance within the line-of-sight is up to 10 metres. It simplifies detector adjustment process considerably and allows all operations to be carried out by one installer (previously two persons were needed).
  • The RS-BL (light) power supply is being provided by AA-type batteries or by external AC power source (8… 30V).


For wireless connection of the Android control panel to the detector it is necessary to do the following:
- Connect the FMC – RS cable (it is applied in a set) to the “А-В” terminals of the converter (a red wire – A, black – B);
- Connect the plug of the FMC – RS cable to the signalling device’s RS-485 socket:
- Power up the converter by pushing the power button;
- Turn on the Android application, search for the RS 485-BL*** (serial number on the product case) device and establish the connection.
The BL indicator must turn on.






RS-BL (light) converter manual

RS-BL (light) converter manual
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