Forteza PDS Quick-adjusting microwave alarm system

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Quick-adjusting microwave alarm system Forteza PDS is designefortezad for building of temporary security borderlines with total range up to 2000 m. Complex can be used for the perimeter protection of stationary objects. The complex is also intended for the intrusion detection by transmitting an alarm via RS-485 radio channel, GSM or other wireless networks to the control post.

Quick-adjusting microwave alarm system Forteza PDS
Frequency 24 GHz

Quick-adjusting microwave alarm system Forteza PDS is designed for building of temporary security borderlines with total range up to 2000 m. Complex can be used for the perimeter protection of stationary objects.
Complex provide temporary protection of perimeter sectors, parking places of planes, motor transport or other mobile objects when there are not any sources of dc power supply. It also generates alarms over a radio channel and sends them to the alarm receiver (guard post) located at a distance up to 850 meter.Complex provide temporary protection of perimeter sectors of VIP aircrafts, critical cargo, precious machines, night parking, military and medical camps, building facilities as well as for Border Service to detect the movement of criminal groups.
The principle of operation is based on generation of an invisible volumetric detection zone between the transmitter and the receiver. When the intruder is crossing the detection zone, the receiver registers its alteration and generates the alarm. Alarm signal transmitting via RS-485 or radio channel to alarm receiver.
PDS periemter protection
USER FRIEDLY - The sensors are easy to mount and adjust and do not require significant expenses on seasonal maintaining.
HIGH QUALITY – We use up-to-date electronic components, which has mean lifetime up to 8 years. Each piece of products is subjected to 100% final inspection.
HIGH EFFECTIVE ALGORITHMS – We use up-to-date effective algorithms for digital signal processing. As a result, we achieved the maximal interference immunity and reliability of the signal processing. The sensors are immune to the influence of rain, snow, fog, lightning, icing, solar radiation, electromagnetic field up to 500 kV, vegetation, birds and animals.
HIGH LEVEL OF INTEGRATION - We make it easy to combine our complex with many modern integrated security systems. and popular control panel. We use traditional dry relay contacts as well as RS-485  to control the sensors and to transmit the alarm signal.

  • Available and effective complex for the protection of different sites with maximum number of positive testimonials.
  • Operation on 24 GHz allows increasing the width of the detection zone. Like this, we make it difficult for the intruder to cross it.
  • The easiest configuration using tripod, easy battery connection and antennas direction system is ready for territory protection. System deployment does not require high qualification of staff.
  • Improved design and signal processing algorithms used provide the reliable detection of the intruder and high interference immunity.
no falce alarms

  • The system is compact, independent, small weight. One man can transport it to the temporary protection site. The essential feature is mobility. The system can be quickly deployed on the site. It assures reliable performance in different climatic conditions.
  • The system is practically invisible on site.
  • The system does not require adjustment and thresholds setting. It can operate on unprepared site. It can be used practically on any landscape.
  • The system is immune to vibrations from industrial plants, railway and cars.
  • The system is powered from accumulators incorporated.
  • No dead zones.
  • The system makes periodic self-diagnostics of performance. Like this, we get actual information on its state.
  • Alarm signals from every sector are transmitted via the radio channel to the mobile alarm receiver panel. The general signal from the mobile panel can be transmitted to the stationary security system.
  • No mutual interference of adjacent systems.
  • The system can contain from 1 up to 20 sectors at the customer’s order.
  • Like this we can decrease the expenses on security.
  • The system package contains all the necessary elements for operation, transportation, storage and maintenance. In maximum configuration the system provides the protected perimeter with the total length up to 2000 m. The total protected perimeter is divided into 20 sectors 100 m each. Every 100 m we install supports with linear receiver and transmitter units by turn. The linear transmitter unit contains two transmitters and the accumulator, which can be quickly removed. The linear receiver unit contains two receivers, the accumulator which can be quickly removed and the radio channel transmitter  to transmitting the alarm signal to the remote radio channel receiver. The radio channel receiver can receive and identify the signals from up to 20 transmitters. Like this we can select the sector activated.
  • "Economy" system model. The essential feature is the design and the price. We use third party tripods with better mechanical strength. The tripods add weight to the supports with receiver and transmitter units assuring better fixity.
  • The essential advantage is the minimal price among all the models.



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