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Microwave Bistatic Detectors "Fonar" hidden in plastic lanterns or other plastic case. Detection zone up to 75m.forteza
The detector “Fonar” is intended to protect perimeter sectors of summer cottages, cottages, offices and other sites as well as to generate alarms when an intruder crosses a detection zone. Alarms are generated using “dry” contacts.

1. Purpose
The detector “Fonar” is intended to protect perimeter sectors of summer cottages, cottages, offices and other sites as well as to generate alarms when an intruder crosses a detection zone.

2. General information
2.1 The detector is placed in the enclosure of a park lamp and it is used as a lamp and a detector. The lantern it self is produced abroad and designed well.
2.2 The principle of operation is the following: an electromagnetic field is generated in the space between a transmitter and a receiver and a detection zone is formed in the form of a stretched ellipsoid of revolution.
Forteza Fonar detection
2.3 The detector provides continuous round-the-clock operation. It keeps its specifications at the temperature -40…+65C and relative humidity up to 98% at the temperature 35C.

3. Distinctive Features

3.1 The detector does not differ from the lamp. It is impossible to define that it can be used as a detector.
3.2 In the enclosure of the receiver (a transmitter) there are two transmitting or receiving units, i.e. one unit can provide operation of two adjacent protective sectors.
3.3 In the detector it is possible to connect “dry” contacts of the individual point relays to standard receiving-control devices. It can be integrated into “Forteza-KS’ system with data exchange over RS-485 interface. Costs for cabling are greatly reduced. All these factors provide new quality of remote control of the detector.
3.4 Microprocessor units are used in the detector.
3.5 The detector is supplied from 220 V mains. More than that, in the detector there is an input to connect a standby power supply.
3.6 Light is switched on/off with a built-in automatic machine reacting to the change of light; at the same time power supply of the detector is not switched off.
3.7 Optional equipment is not required to adjust the detector because adjustment is carried out using built-in indicators.
3.8 There are not conventional variable resistors, switches, etc. in the detector; sensitivity is adjusted in “Training” mode according to check passes of the operator.
3.9 The detector is protected against “background” of the “alien (another)” transmitter.
3.10 The delivery kit of the detector includes an embedded support for concreting.
forteza fonar
4. Specifications

4.1 Operating frequency - 9,4 GHz or 10,525 GHz
4.2 Detection zone length: 5…75 m.
4.3 Maximum detection zone width when the sector length is maximum: 3 m.Aptikimo zona FONAR4.4 Detection probability is 0,95 minimum.
4.5 Supply voltage of the detector and the lamp: 220+22-33 V, 50 Hz.
4.6 The detector backup power supply: dc voltage 9…20 V.
4.7 Parameters of the individual point relay:

  • switched voltage – up to 50 V;
  • switched current – up to 0,1 A;
  • resistance in the closed status – 110 Ohm maximum;
  • alarm duration– 3 sec. minimum.

4.8 Data can be exchanged with a guard station over RS-485 interface.
4.9 Weight of a transmitter, a receiver (without a mounting kit): 5 kg maximum.

According to a special order a lantern with one transmitting or receiving unit can be delivered; lanterns without a detector with an automatic machine of light switching-on and a mounting kit can be delivered.


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