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The converter RS-BL (light) will be available from April 2020.
The converter RS-BL (light) is intended for tuning the communication interfaces of the detector and control panel when adjusting and testing the detector’s operability.
The converter is designed for interoperability with the FMC series detectors devices and Tribo-S fence protection system.


The RS-BL (light) converts RS-485 signal into “Bluetooth” signal, assuring the connection with “Android” device wirelessly.



  • Data transmission distance within the line-of-sight is up to 10 metres. It simplifies detector adjustment process considerably and allows all operations to be carried out by one installer (previously two persons were needed).
  • The RS-BL (light) power supply is being provided by AA-type batteries or by external AC power source (8… 30V).
For wireless connection of the Android control panel to the detector it is necessary to do the following:
- Connect the FMC – RS cable (it is applied in a set) to the “А-В” terminals of the converter (a red wire – A, black – B);
- Connect the plug of the FMC – RS cable to the signalling device’s RS-485 socket:
- Power up the converter by pushing the power button;
- Turn on the Android application, search for the RS 485-BL*** (serial number on the product case) device and establish the connection.
The BL indicator must turn on.






RS-BL (light) converter manual

RS-BL (light) converter manual
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