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FORTEZA FMC detectors with Wireless Setup

FORTEZA FMC detectors with Wireless Setup
News for those, who already use or only intend to buy FMC series microwave detectors.
Final testing of Forteza RS-BL combined device is completed and production of the first batch is started. This device allows you to set up and adjust FMC series microwave detectors using Bluetooth technology. At the end of April 2016 the device will be available at the market.
Data transmission distance within the line-of-sight is up to 170 metres. It simplifies detector adjustment process considerably and allows all operations to be carried out by one installer (previously two persons were needed).
The device also functions as RS 485 and may be used to connect to a detector with wires by means of a jack plug or AB line terminals.
Device battery ensures continuous operation up to 12 hours and displays discharge level. The device may be charged from a computer or a standard charger through Mini USB port.
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