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The article presents the products exceeded in quality their analogues. The microwave monostatic sensors "FORTEZA-M30" and "FORTEZA-M60" generate a zone of "approved" passages and a chosen detection zone. What does it mean? You can read the details in the article. The sensors «FORTEZA-M30" and "FORTEZA-M60" are leading among the microwave monostatic sensors.
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The microwave monostatic sensors «FORTEZA-M30», «FORTEZA-M60» have a detection zone divided into 12 cross-cut sub bands in the direction of emission. This is a fundamental and very important advantage in comparison with other microwave sensors of domestic and foreign production.
The sensors «FORTEZA-M30», «FORTEZA-M60» provide an opportunity of connection/disconnection of one or some cross-cut sub bands. The scheme of sub bands disconnection has not analogs in Russia.
What is the purpose of these systems? What advantages do they have? On what conditions are they shown clearly enough?
First, a high noise immunity is the most important task of the microwave monostatic sensors.
High intellectual processing algorithms are used in the sensors "FORTEZA-M30", "FORTEZA-M60", so they show excellent attributes of noise immunity in comparison with monostatic sensors from other manufacturers. The separate signal processing and the sensitivity adjustment in each of 12 sub bands provide that.
For example, an interference signal is higher in one of the sub bands than in other ones.
The monostatic sensor with a non-separated detection zone or the sensor with another principle of operation will give a false alarm or it is necessary to reduce the sensitivity of the detection zone, so it is difficult to detect an intruder through the whole site.
The sensors "FORTEZA-M30", "FORTEZA-M60" allow to adjust the sensitivity of each sub band separately, i.e. a "problem" sub zone sensitivity can be reduced and in other sub bands it is possible to leave its value at the optimal level.
In that way high rates of the noise immunity and the sensitivity adjustment throughout the detection zone are achieved. This exact sensitivity adjustment of each separate sub band provides the wide opportunities equipping complex perimeter sites.
The particular feature of these sensors is the disconnection of one or some cross-cut sub bands in any order. It is very comfortable for the "approved passages", e.g. for people's passages through the gates (fig. 1). Fig. 2 shows a variant of the pipe protection with the sensor "FORTEZA-M60". This performance variant demonstrates well how considerably the noise immunity increases as one of 12 sub bands is switched on. Any interference in the "off" sub zone will not generate a general alarm.
Installing the sensors on the building's wall for the windows or doorways protection against intrusion it is necessary to turn on and use only sub bands in the coverage of which there are windows and doors. Disabling other sub bands will increase the noise immunity.
The tactics of the sub band's disconnection is convenient if you need to install security sensors at a distance from the protected object or zone. Then only one sub band is switching on located at a distance from the sensor. The rest sub bands are switched off and the signals received from them are not processed. In such a way an alarm signal generates only when an intruder enters "on"distant sub band.
Distinctive features:
Switching on/off of the sub bands and the sensitivity adjustment of the sensors "FORTEZA-M30", "FORTEZA-M60" are performed with the control parts (located on the case) or computer through USB.
The sensors "FORTEZA-M30", "FORTEZA-M60" have the functions different from the similar ones.
"ANTI-MASKING" function allows to define a deliberate masking of the protected zone to perform unauthorized actions, such as masking using a large metal sheet to get to the protected object.
"INTEGRITY REMOTE CONTROLl" allows to check the sensor's operation distantly (automatically or manually).
The sensor has an extended range of supply voltage 5...30 V, which reduces the requirements to supply voltage and cables at the sites.
Various forms of the detection zone (volume, cutain, fan) allow to extend of the monostatic sensor's application, which can protect both linear (perimeter) and ground (walls, ceilings, roof, adjacent territories) sites.
The maximum length of the detection zone:
"FORTEZA-M60"- 60 m
"FORTEZA-M30"- 30 m
The length adjustment of the sensor is carried out by serial disconnection of sub bands.
The length of each sub band for the sensor "FORTEZA -M60" is 5 m, for "FORTEZA-M30" - 2,5 m.
JSC "FORTEZA" develops the sensors with the detection zone of 10 m and 60 m.
Our specialists are working to increase the number of sub bands to 16-20.


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