The FORTEZA offers microwave detector for perimeter protection.

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fmw detector microwave two position The sensors “FORTEZA-200/100/50” generate a signal “ALARM” when an intruder enters the protected zone.
They have a lot of technical characteristics different from the similar ones by other manufactures:
1. Very narrow detection zone (less than 1m on the perimeter site of 50m length) - one of the principal advantages.
2. The extended series of the systems with the attractive prices permits to choose the sensor for the exact perimeter length and to optimize the expenses for the perimeter site protection.
3. The antennas dimensions with a high signal level increase considerably the interference immunity to birds and small animals. The sensors don’t generate an alarm signal when they appear close to a transmitter or a receiver unit.
4. The sensors alignment and the adjustment don’t need any special devices and systems; it simplifies and reduces the price of these operations.
5. The sensors are compatible with the man pack radio and the mobile phones.
6. The sensors have a built-in lightning guard which permits to protect the system from the electrical pickups and to increase considerably its operation lifetime in difficult conditions.
The application of the sensors “FORTEZA-200/100/50” is necessary in the case:
- There is some grass close to the protected perimeter site;
- There is a highway or a footpath down the protected perimeter site:
- The detection zone’s width is limited by the artificial obstacles.


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