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This autumn, our partners tested the FM-60 F one-position microwave sensor (“fan“) for the protection of solar panels installed on the roof of a building.
The photo gives a good view of the sensor installation (during the testing) and protection zone formation.

Please note that:
- the distance between the sensor and the protected object is selected correctly, bearing in mind that the protection zone spreads evenly  
- there are no moving objects near the protection zone and within it which could negatively affect the protection zone  (the sensor would generate false alarms)
- during the testing, a metal stand is installed for the sensor, which is securely attached by using additional weight. As a result, vibration of the sensor and stand is prevented.

Dear partners, if you have interesting and non-standard options of using the FORTEZA equipment, please send us your photos with comments. For our part, we will offer additional discounts to you!!!


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