JSC "Forteza" and S.I.A. "SAFE & LOCK" seminars in Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania

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At the end of May of this year JSC „Forteza“ specialists participated in several seminars at the various Italian cities. The organizer was S.I.A.“ Safe & Lock“, which is JSC „Forteza“official representative in Italy.
Thanks to the good organization of meetings, within a short period of time it was possible to meet with a lot number of security companies installers, managers, project managers in the Italian cities: Florence, Padova, Perugia, Napoli, Avezzano.
Seminars‘ main emphasis has been given to acquaint with fences protection system Tribo-M and single position microwave sensors M-30, M-60. Forteza trade mark sensors opportunities have been positively assessed specialists, particular impression left Tribo-m fence protection systems technical solution and the M-30, 60 opportunities to create up to 12 subzones a part of which can be inactive (passageways)  within the detection zone.


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