Manufacturer of perimeter protection systems

Our technical solutions provide the perimeter protection of any object: from private property or small offices to big state and commercial objects


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Forteza office in Poland

Distributor in Latvia BK

Distributor in Estonia ALARMTEC AS.

Distributor in Italy Safe & Lock s.r.l.

Distributor in Italy SecurPoint s.r.l.

Distributor in Romania AL.SE.RO. IMPEX S.R.L.

Distributor in Slovak Republic SUP DIGITAL SECURITY SERVIS s.r.o.

Distributor in Bulgaria SYSTEH Ltd.

Distributor in Hungary Multi Alarm Co.

Distributor in Malaysia Lotus Action Sdn. Bhd.

Distributor in Slovenia Aktiva varovanje, d.d

Distributor in Turkey Kale Elektrik Elektronik Guvenlik

Distributor in Croatia Protekta d.o.o.

Distributor in Latvia DN Grupa SIA


  • adress icon2 Silutes pl., Ofc 525, Klaipeda 91111, Lithuania
  • phone iconPhone +370 46 441195
  • phone iconMobile +370 655 08233, +370 655 08250
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Opening hours:
Monday - Friday from 08:00 till 16:00
Saturday, Sunday - closed