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First steps when starting to work in real environment ( NEW ! )


TRIBO-S connection by RS-485 converter ( NEW ! )

FORTEZA TRIBO S fence protection system wire connection by RS 485 to android device 


FMC 24  (new modification) connection by RS-485 to android device.

FORTEZA FMC 24 wire connection by RS 485 converter    



       FORTEZA FMC 24 network connection by RS 485 converter  




FMC 24 (new modification) setup method.

 Forteza FMC 24 description of the operating signal and threshold


         Forteza FMC 24 (SPECIAL 2 method)


       Forteza FMC 24 (SPECIAL 1 method)


     Forteza FMC 24 (MANUAL method)


       Forteza FMC 24 (AUTO method)




FMC 24 (new modification) manual videos

First steps to get start working with Forteza FMC 24

Forteza FMC 24 unboxing

Forteza FMC 24 calibration


Forteza FMC 24 transmitter and receiver overview




TRIBO-S manual videos 





Typical design solutions of Tribo-S system.


 FMC perimeter detector adjustment using RS-BL converter connection over the

USB wire communication line.


FMC detectors and RS-BL connection over the Bluetooth.


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