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"Manufacturer of perimeter protection systems"

Forteza-teamJSC Forteza TeamFORTEZA JSC is a Lithuanian manufacturer and developer of the modern and high-performance outdoor perimeter security systems.
Our technical solutions provide the perimeter protection of any object: from private property or small offices to big state and commercial objects.
All our detectors are manufactured in Europe and have all needed Certificates (CE, Origin) so we are fully free to sell them to all our partners around the world and to create distributors network with competitive price levels.
There are no territory and language limits for us. Now our products are delivered to EU and CIS countries, the Middle East, Australia, North Africa and South Asia.
FORTEZA is our trademark.
FORTEZA is the technical security solution to detect an intruder trying to damage your business, private or state property. These are high-performance microwave, wire-wave and vibration-deformation intrusion sensors for the perimeter protection.
FORTEZA is the high-quality security products, services and kind attention to the customers.
FORTEZA equipment is reliable and easy to use. Sensors have a high degree of integration, ease of installation and durability. Each piece of products is subjected to 100% final inspection.

OUR PRINCIPLE: maximum efficiency for the best price.
COMPANY VISION: To help protect not only your assets but also your life.
COMPANY MISSION: To expand our perimeter security market worldwide by offering high-quality outdoor perimeter security systems.
• Competitive prices
• Technical project and systems support (online), seminars and training to your engineers and managers
• Guarantee obligation support
• Direct shipping from warehouse in Lithuania (where we have in stock all detectors in big quantities)
• Fast shipping. From 1 day express shipment up to 9 days standard shipment.
Specialists of our company have a longtime experience in development of the technical security systems. Our systems are the synthesis of this unique experience and innovative technical solutions.
Our sensors have been installed and now protect perimeters of nuclear heating plants, solar voltaic parks, warehouses, airports, military and oil industry objects, objects of mining operations, manufacturing entities, private houses, office buildings and foreign state embassies.
Setting prices for our products, we appreciate our work but we appreciate our customers as well and respect their requirements and wishes. That's why you will not find overprices, but you will definitely find understanding and flexible discount systems. Our specialists will help you to choose the best high-quality technical solution.


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Forteza office in Poland www.forteza.pl

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Distributor in Estonia ALARMTEC AS. www.alarmtec.ee

Distributor in Italy Safe & Lock s.r.l. www.safelock.it

Distributor in Italy SecurPoint s.r.l. www.securpoint.com

Distributor in France IXPERIA www.ixperia.fr

Distributor in Romania AL.SE.RO. IMPEX S.R.L. www.alse.ro

Distributor in Slovak Republic SUP DIGITAL SECURITY SERVIS s.r.o. www.supdigitalsecurity.sk

Distributor in Slovak Republic GEMTECH s.r.o. www.gemtech.eu

Distributor in Bulgaria RAK Ltd. www.raksecurity.com

Distributor in Bulgaria Profisec Ltd. www.profisec.bg

Distributor in Hungary Multi Alarm Co. www.multialarm.hu

Distributor in Egypt Phenix Group International www.pgiegypt.com

Distributor in Malaysia Lotus Action Sdn. Bhd. www.lotusaction.com

Distributor in Slovenia Aktiva varovanje, d.d https://www.aktiva-varovanje.si/

Distributor in Slovenia Mars Commerce d.o.o. www.mars-commerce.com

Distributor in Turkey Kale Elektrik Elektronik Guvenlik www.kalealarm.com

Distributor in Spain ITC VISION SISTEMAS DE SEGURIDAD, S.L. www.itcvision.com

Distributor in Croatia Protekta d.o.o. www.protekta.hr

Distributor in Serbia Protekta Plus d.o.o. www.protektaplus.rs

Distributor in Bosnia and Herzegovina Protekta d.o.o. www.protekta.ba

Distributor in Latvia SIA Alarmeco www.alarmeco.lv

Distributor in South Africa CAG Trading www.cagtrading.co.za


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